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Brown's Online Arts is here to present the freshest up and coming British artists. We source and represent the best-unrecognised art talent from across the UK and display their work online.

Brown's Online Arts is a great place for young, up and coming artists to begin their career. As a young artist, we could help put you in the public eye, build contacts and put you in touch with other young artists. Think you've got what it takes? Get in touch!

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Digital paintings

You still have time to see this excellent exhibition of digital paintings by Chris Von Steiner. It shares the large 3rd floor gallery with Laurie Lipton’s “Extraordinary Drawings” so you get to see two great shows in one visit.

I’m amazed that Chris creates these using just the computer mouse – not the stylus and tablet that most digital artists prefer. He tends to create series of paintings which perhaps tell a story – The Snow King being a good example is reminiscent of Narnia and are my favourites. Others include familiar pop imagery and icons in bold colours, some mildly gruesome or fetishistic scenes – some very colourful dreams (or nightmares) are portrayed. Lovely.


This exhibition showcases the work of digital French artist Chris Von Steiner whose work combines the pop icons of his youth with bold colours,elements from movies, music, books and television. He draws on dreams and desires to create digital nightmares.

“I’m a digital artist. No brush, no paint, no pen. With my mouse, my computer and a little help from Adobe Illustrator(c), I tell strange stories and freaky tales, where people can lose themselves like I lose myself. Sitting alone at dark in front of my computer, drawing, sampling, looping and editing what’s in the tortured brain of the sick teenager I was and will always remain.

Like a popstar whose striking good songs touch your heart and haunt your mind, I want to share my wildest dreams and my deepest fears. No rule, no key or theory to understand/explain my work. What You See Is What You Get: emotion.”

A digital artist from France, Von Steiner combines the pop icons of his youth with bold colours, elements from movies, music, books, or television, using his fantasies, dreams and desires to create digital nightmares of teenage fancies and bizarre fetishes tales.

His digital paintings have been shown through Europe and USA and is a regular exhibitor with Strychnin Gallery in London, Berlin and New York. He has participated in group shows alongside artists such as Banksy, Tracey Emin, Blek le Rat and Sam Taylor Wood.

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